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what is in bhagvad gita


Karma & Gyan

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Work and Wisdom are the two fold expressions of intelligence but Sankara holds that role of actions is merely purification and there can be no combination of action and knowledge for the former is don

God-realization Through Bhakti-Yoga


Lord Krishna says:--
I am the origin of all, from Me everything evolves; knowing this the wise worship Me with loving consciousness.

— Bhagavad Geeta

Divine Perfection

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Who are we to grief for the ones that are no more,
Extrude sorrow for the ones that are still living,
Should we not be the preacher who is never distressed?

Bhagavad Gita and Disgrace.

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the movie Disgrace with John Malkovich ...
…. like the Bhagavad Gita ..like Fight Club... like Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. DISGRACE is a thought-provoking story of Epic proportions.


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Well versed person in never enamored,
As Mithya consorts to transcend to childhood,
Youth or the aged physical consciousness;
Neither affected by good or bad in life.

Karma means conflict

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Karma means conflict.

Science's “survival of the fittest” is all about conflict, Karma.
To avoid this conflict is suicide.
to confront this conflict flirts with survival.

Beliefs of our selves; R they truthful N rightighteous; R they truly N really guiding N driving us truthfully N virtuously

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Our beliefs; with which we choose and select the medium of our performances; for the purpose and reasons of helping us to perform the obligatory duties of our selves; normally originate from the power

save the planet (earth)

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earth can be saved by formula given in geeta ch. 3 -14 15.

Tyagena amrutatvaya!!!

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they asked the master ramakrishna how can u simply explain gita in one word....

he proclasimed...

"tyagena amrutatvaya...."
ie by relinquisment u get nectar..."