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Power of Divine Love......

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LOVE is the form of DIVINE...

LOVE alone can merge in LOVE....

When one is filled with DIVINE LOVE
He can experience oneness with the DIVINE.....

Happiness arises from PURE LOVE

GOD Reveals

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If you have real and deep LOVE for "GOD",he reveals himself to his child.Love shall be pure and unconditional like mother and child.

GOD'S communication to MAN

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GOD's message comes in many various forms.The message is also meditated by human being.No human vehicle is fully adequate to convey the fullness of GOD'S message.Human language is inadequate to expres


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Bliss is constant flow of ENERGY.... in the form of a fountain of KNOWLEDGE..... of GOD'S wisdom.

— Self

Gift to "GOD"

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Best Gift to "GOD" is one's LOVE....

— Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda


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Pleasure of SENSES do not last,but the joy of "GOD"is everlasting.

Biggest present of "GOD" is surrender yourself.

— Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda

Quiet Your Mind

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How to Quiet Your Mind