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Bird Song-pt 3

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Suddenly, one day, something cracked.

Yes, Even Spirituality...

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"What we’re really pursuing is, in fact, a temporary cessation of the mental agitation, the silencing of that endlessly chattering voice in our heads..." ".....almost any object of addiction..... It may be relationships, spirituality, food, shopping, sex, weed, alcohol, TV, porn, gambling…the list is endless. We are very creative, and equally subtle, in our addictive tendencies. All these objects are pursued in order to get a moment’s relief from guilt, pain, shame, anger, resentment, thoughts, fears, worries."

— Michael McCaffrey-Crackhead Mentality

Whole mind

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Truth is that which lies in a dimension beyond the reach of thought.
Whole mind has no 'thoughts',thoughts are split mind.

From : 'Ask The Awakened'