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The Pied Piper

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I took a stand...
Gaurdian, at the gates of my mind...
Looking to catch the thief, that walked through.
I suddenly realized,

That it was my deluded belief...

Don't Get Mad, Get Glad

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Last evening, as I was reading, with my 13 year old son, Spencer, from the book Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth, we entered into a delicious dialogue on the meaning of resistance.


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Many people believe that electronics take us away from our third eye and other spiritual endowments. What are your thoughts?

The Knife's Edge

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Dig, dig, dig…
Deeper, deeper, deeper….
Till, standing at the edge of the precipice…
Looking down into the yawning abyss….
Exhausted and disappointed….
Weary of the search…


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You are not seeing reality. You are seeing what you are believing. Stop believing and you will see more reality.

— Swami Premodaya

Reflection of Perceptions

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Our perceptions and how we interpret events are filtered by our notions and beliefs. What we perceive is but a reflection of us and not the object of our perception.

— ~Pamela J. Wells

Belief systems

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Beliefs are so important to the extent that they could change your life. You may even create a self fulfilling prophecy to support a false belief that you have about yourself.

If there is one true "God", than why, different beliefs ?

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If there is one true "God", than why, so many different beliefs on earth ?



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Where do Beliefs come from ??
The very Source, itself.....from Life......
Conceptualizing itself.....
As this and that.....

Letting Go...

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As this year comes to an end,
And as we let go the passing moment
embrace the present moment
{which is what we constantly are doing-whether we realise it or not..!! }