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Helpline during spiritual crisis

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when soul calls,

feeling like to cry..

when no truth in sight

wounded of lie..

when heart, full and heavy

But eyes go dry....

How do we accept? (Part 3)

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Mind's conditioning changes only when it comes to a new understanding, which alters beliefs, which alters the mind's spontaneous activity.

Ask why only about your motives

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Ask why only about your motives.

Inquiring the reasons behind beliefs and actions of others is just a way not to face your issues.

Watch your skepticism when you invastigate your pension plan

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Investigating a pension plan is a tedious and analytically-challenging task if you are not an insurance savvy.

How do we accept? (Part 1)

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We all know the routine; accept, surrender, forgive, let go, release, stop seeking. Do it and you don't have to seek Truth, Truth finds you. Stupidly simple, but far from easy.

spirit-less through spirit-full

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You can reach the spirit-less only through the spirit-full.

A spirit-less path will lead you nowhere. A spirit-full path will lead you to the nowhere.

— Riktam Kantu

How do we accept? (Part 5)

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Challenging beliefs-Seeking clarity

* If I do it right, I can create a happy life for myself.

I contemplated man's little spark

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It doesn't happen to me quite often nowadays that a spiritual figure strikes me. But when it happens, it is magical. It is usually not what he/she says but more the way he/she says it.

Beware: being with skeptics raises your skepticism

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Being in proximity with skeptics, raises your level of skepticism.

Being in proximity with believers, raises your level of belief and connectedness.

Belief Systems

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What is for you a Belief System?