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Why Seekers Are Lost - Part One

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Why does the spiritual path not seem to work?

For Beginning Spirituality

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Respect is the beginning of spiritual truth, because with due respect done right all is well so.

— Jesse, Camarillo

Why Seekers Are Lost - Part Two

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The question is: Is this global condition of being lost a result of the fact that spiritual goals are objectively so difficult to reach?

Path to Realization

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The path to realization sometimes explodes
when the seeker somehow finds the courage
to ask the questions
that infuriate experts.

only this courage can take the seeker
far far beyond
to ask the questions
that have no answers
because there are no questions
only thoughts
like realization.
-- O'no

— O'no

Your expenditure should not exceed your income.

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11. The dress you ware should be suitable for climatic conditions and not for pomp and show.

12. Your expenditure should not exceed your income.


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If wisdom descends on you, you’ll always be a beginner. That’s the most advantageous position.

— Swami Premodaya


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Stop waiting. It’s been long enough. It’s better to act, and see what happens, and learn from it.

— Swami Premodaya