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The greatest adventure in this world is "MEDITATION"

Don't forget to also accept the consequences

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Sometimes accepting something undesirable means also to accept the undesirable consequences of this something.

Awareness did not exist before creation

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Awareness did not exist before creation

I love you dad

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From my recent realizations I have finally been able to write this letter that sadly can never be sent, but at least it will be written.

Dear Father,

Know Unreality of worldly bonds for peace::

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Know Unreality of worldly bonds for peace::
Spiritual knowledge emphasizes the unreality of these worldly bonds. Your family members were not related to you in the previous births and will not be related to you in the future births. These family bonds are present only in this birth and therefore they are temporary. Anything that is temporary is always unreal.

— His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Being present

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The best description of presence is that being present means being aware of being aware.

It may sound confusing. Only when you truly experience being present you realize this fact.

— Riktam Kantu

The main problem with presence is that very quickly you lose it

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It's all about presence.

Most of the time you are not present
You act automatically based on your conditioning
You are lost in your thoughts, feelings, imaginations, memories

Observe the bear, accept it and then move on

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Observe the bear, don't pretend it's not there, don't make it invisible.

Accept the bear, the very fact the it's there, don't resist it.

And then move on.