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Trying to combat metal fatigue

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Imagine to yourself that you have an old car which you are not allowed to get rid of.

You are expected to use this car till the end of your life.

A guided way to the realization that time does not exist

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The following is a solid yet simple demonstration that shows that time does not really exist, that time is nothing but a conceptual mirage.

Test drive different possibilities of the truth

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Don't look for THE truth,look for the POSSIBILITIES of the truth.

When you focus on looking for the truth, your mind has more control over you to play its games and you overlook the many things you are used to take for granted.

"Tactical" VS. "Strategical" Awareness

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Riktam Kantu said:

If you want to ease your pain, watch your emotions. If you want to eliminate your pain, watch your thoughts.

If you fail to accept, accept the failure

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I have read once a short emphasized warning made by Riktam Kantu:

If you fail to accept, accept the failure.

Here is my understanding of this saying:

Am I realy taking antibiotics?

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I caught a flu and I'm taking antibiotics. Wait a minute, actually, I am not taking antibiotics, I am giving antibiotics, I'm giving my body antibiotics.

Don't be afraid from intial accumulated energies in the now

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When abiding in the now after a long time, at first, accumulated unpleasant energetic and emotional residues may erupt from the subconscious.

Using the maya concept as an excuse

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Not to want to go to see where your beloved late guru, that you've never met, lived

and pay him a tribute

is like...

Not to want to have sex with that one that you love romantically

The only 2 important questions one should ask

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There are only 2 important question one should ask. All the other questions are useless because they have answers.

It does not matter if you go inwardly or outwardly, only how you go

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Go inwardly or go outwardly, but just go.