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Check by yourself if you are the doer

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What if I tell you
that a split of second
before you finish doing something
it is already done?

What if I tell you
that a split of second
before you tell your body to do something

Free(ze) your mind and the rest will come

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If you can't free your mind, then at least freeze your mind. All you have to do is to add Ze to Free and the rest will come.

A watcher which cannot be watched

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This who watches
is so quiet.
So quiet
that he is present
at all time.
So quiet
that he cannot be watched.
A watcher which cannot be watched.

This is the special meaning

Your strong conviction that you are one same "I"

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One of the most strong taken-for-granted illusionary convictions one carries consistently is that he is a one single unified entity, one monolithic "I", one solid personality, one same-in-all-times John, one atomic Barbara.

You cannot force somebody else to understand you

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You cannot force somebody else to understand you.

You cannot take responsibility for him nor you need to.

You try your best to explain and either he will understand or not. Now or some day.

Let things swallow you

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When you observe and accept something, like pain, after a certain time, release totally any resistance.

Move from acceptance to surrender.

It was all the time 1-2 blocks away

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You are probably familiar with the this situation:

You are looking for a rare small store that specializes in the repair of some all-forgotten article.

No witnessing when no (calm) mind?

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There is a certain kind of people whom when I am in company, my mind gets crazy. It starts switching rapidly in a chaotic stream of endless short noisy nervous jumpy pieces of thoughts.

Trying to combat metal fatigue

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Imagine to yourself that you have an old car which you are not allowed to get rid of.

You are expected to use this car till the end of your life.