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A powerful exercise: opposite of the opposite

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The mind is tricky. It's time to pay it back with the same kind of tricks it is playing on us. You will find this approach as very efficient in neutralizing the mind. It is simple, yet explosive!

I'm the two soul mates, not just one of them

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I live in two interpolated realities simultaneously.

Two parallel "I"s.

In completely different places and bodies.

One is not supposed to know of the other.

But there are leaks.

4 errors we tend to commit when we try to move from the mind to the heart

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(1) We try to move our attention to the heart as an object while the observing center remains in the mind.

First look for love, then for someone to love

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You are looking for someone in order to find love.

But it is vice versa - you need first to look for love then you will find someone to love.

The path is spiral, not cyclic

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Sometimes it seems to you that you are moving in circles in your spiritual path: I have already read this book, already done this meditation, already sat in satsang with this teacher, already underwen

Spiritual Ego and the Bliss Bubble

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Anyone can comment on this phenomena?

Do you remember that you also are?

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You see this room and you conclude that it exists, can you conclude that you also exist?

You see this table in front of you and you realize that it is, can you realize that you also are?

A fresh restart to a brave new world

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First you need to observe - which means not to suppress - to be able to bring the mental residues of the pain to the surface.

And we know that still this is not enough...

Regard the mind as a mischievous child rather than as a mean intruder

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Regard the mind as mischievous rather than as mean.

The same way you regard your child.

His lies, his tricks, his way to survive.

Enhancing the connection to God

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I am looking for methods from various traditions for enhancing the connection with the beyond.