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The now is boring, says the mind

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It's petrifying how little from the world truly exists: only the now.

Such a narrow flickering glimpse.

The past is memory. The future is simulation. And they are both occurring in the now, the recalling of the memory, the playing of the simulation. Aren't they?

Experience VS. Theory - or - Is the moon made of cheese?

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Someone can say "Jupiter is made of cheese and therefore it looks white". I cannot validate that Jupiter is made of cheese as currently I cannot travel to Jupiter therefore it is a theory for me and therefore useless. Nevertheless, I may be still willing to accept this statement as valid if the sayer is actually an astronaut and happened to travel to Jupiter once...

First unite with your body, you pathetic spiritual clown!

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The Pseudo Advaita Manifesto

- or -

First unite with your body, you pathetic spiritual clown!

- by -

Riktam Kantu

*** Translation from Spanish ***

Is indeed whatever you observe cannot be you?

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One of the core premises of spiritual inquiry and awareness is that whatever you observe cannot be you.

The Three Levels of Understanding - Part 2

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Level 3 - Transformation of Conditionings

We believe that we are a one solid "I" but actually there are many different, sometimes contradicting "I"s, acting within us, or more accurately, there is no "I" within us at all, just a bundle of numerous conditionings reacting to situations in an almost mechanical way according to previous experiences in this life and in previous lives. Our unconscious behavior which constitutes most of our daily being is dictated by these conditionings. A transformation, therefore, is primarily a transformation of our conditioning programing.

"Am I The Body" meditation

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Look at your body as an external object.

How does Karma work - or - acting rather than reacting is all that counts

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(I wrote the following as a reply to http://www.gurusfeet.com/blog/how-free-karma-doing-or-not-doing and thought it is worth a dedicated blog post)

The missing part in the Law of Success

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In order to succeed, either any doing towards this success should be completely selfishless or alternatively you should be completely aware of your selfish motives.

Ups and downs on the spiritual path - reasons for the downs

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We all are familiar with the difficult fact that our spiritual journey is full of ups and downs, great achievements and then terrible setbacks, extreme quietness and tranquility and then distress and

A trick to break identification with the thinker

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First bring into awareness the sense of "I", bring it by looking for the thinker, the presupposed intimate subject that does the thinking, the "you" that thinks.