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Knowledge from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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When people consider the past as free will they are filled with remorse and regret.
When they consider the future as destiny, lethargy and inertia set in.

Mingle yourself

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Mingle yourself! - this is an important rule for a businessman when attending a business event.

This is also an important rule for a spiritual person.

According to science our natural state is sleeping

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We all think that being awake is our natural state and that sleeping is just a necessary appendix to the waking state.

Before leaving home make sure all doors and windows are closed

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Each time you leave home, check the 2 doors and 5 windows of the house to make sure they are well closed:

Is dependant acceptance enough?

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Great pain, I accept you, I renounce any direct resistance. I surrounder.

But not totally.

If I say that I accept you totally it will be a lie. And I don't believe I can fool you.

You can't change the unchangeable

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You can't change the unchangeable.
But you can define what is changeable and what is unchangeable.

The changeable you also can't change.
But you can accept it.

Bottom line:

Watch the tip of your nose from below

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Close your eyes and observe for some time the tip of your nose for any sensations. Just observe and feel the place, just be there.

Difference between consciousness and awareness

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I encounter "consciousness" and "awareness" quite often in texts and I am not sure I fully grasp the pricse meaning and difference between these two central terms.

Spiritual people are the worst liars

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Never believe spiritual people blindly.

They are the worst liars.

Mind is like food when you are on a diet

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Mind is like food when you are on a diet.

Minimize consumption but do not condemn it.

Do not condemn it as you are living on it.