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How to cope with fear?

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Someone asked me:

Too much fear is sprouting, what to do?

My answer was:

Growing even from criticism

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Someone has recently commented here that we can develop from anything that happens to us, including from things that are colored as bad. I agree.

Are we the body?

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The next time you run into someone who has waited too long to take a shower, try one of these statements:

(A) You stink!

(B) Your body stinks.

A beam of bliss

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Every so-and-so seconds
a beam of bliss
is hitting you.

It is so ecstatic
that you want it again that bad.

Believing that all is dependent
you desperately search for reasons

Beware of your interpretations

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MMMM, I am the manifestation of god almighty and only I. You are nothing. But you have this opportunity to learn from my words. Therefore listen to me carefully with no trace of vanity.

Stick to one guru or be open to many?

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I would like to open this discussion. I'm sometimes doubting whether I should stick to one guru or rather be open to teachings and satsangs of several.

The factors

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First is the sexual urge.

Then comes the desire for food.

And only then comes the mind.

Is a center really necessary?

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When we do some action, we take it for granted that there must be a center, an "I" that does the action, is it really so? Can't an action just happen without a subject, a doer, a center?

The Split

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One day when I woke up in the morning there were two.

The seer.

And all the rest.

It seemed somehow difficult to function this way.

He was not under my tight control anymore.

The Three Levels of Understanding - Part 1

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There are three level of understanding. In order to fully and permanently understand a truth, in order to trigger a real personal transformation based on that truth, the understanding should penetrate into all the three levels.