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Destressing Practices- 1

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Beloved Friends,
I am sharing a small conversation with you all today...
Love and Blessings,


Dana International as a spiritual model of the future human being

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Dana International is the popular Israeli singer who won the Eurovision contest in 1988 with the adorable song "Diva". See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2NI6lIGgnI.

The words of Rudi

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The Unfolding of Love

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Recently I had the opportunity to observe the blooming of a Century Plant.Very interesting growth pattern. And the term "pattern" is a good one here, as this is exactly what I observed.

Not seeing the magic

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It's not that you don't see the magic,
you simply got used to it,
and so you take it for granted -
you don't see the magicness of the magic anymore.

Take for example

Mystic Poetry of Rumi

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Confused and distraught

Again I am raging, I am in such a state by your soul that every
bond you bind, I break, by your soul.

Selfless Service

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For me Selfless Service means to be in a practice of giving without expecting anything in return.


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What are flowers for the worship?
To be filled up with Consciousness.

More Contemplations On The Self

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There's a
revealing moment in the film "K-Pax" where the psychologist asks the
patient (who insists he is an extraterrestrial), "Hmm.. so, if there

PANCHADASI--- part 14

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E text source- www.celextel.org 40. The demonstrative pronoun ‘this’ is common to such diverse perceptions as ‘This is silver’, ‘This is cloth’ and so forth.