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Knowledge is not necessarily power

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"Knowledge is power" told us our parents over and over again. Naturally, they wanted to convince us to be good students, to go to college, to go to university.

Being genuine is more important than winning the game

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Being genuine is more important than winning the game.

Sometimes it will prevent you from achieving your aim.

That's ok.

All auras are beautiful

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All auras are beautiful and therefore all people are.

This does not stem from political correctness,

but from formlessness.

Not from no form,

but from a state of detachment from form.

The paradox of EFFORT and GRACE

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I recently encounter more and more innocent people who fall in 2 familiar holes:

Nothing really changes in me

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Nothing really changes in me. The same old conditioning more or less as when I was a child.

What aspect of yourself would you like to develop the most?

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My question to all:

What aspect of yourself would you like to develop the most?

My personal answer:

Ability to love.

Don't fear not to fear

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Don't fear not to fear.

I know you think fear protects you against dangers.

That without it you wouldn't survive.

That's not true.

I tell you.

A guided way to the realization that time does not exist

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The following is a solid yet simple demonstration that shows that time does not really exist, that time is nothing but a conceptual mirage.

A true seeker and hard calls he has to make

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A true seeker is one
whose desire for truth
is greater
than his desire for pleasure.

Not because
one is supposed to abandon
pleasure for truth.

But because
of the simple fact that

Why people adopt a radical view of reality?

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Adopting a radical view about reality, adapting a belief which completely disagrees with any direct experience, adapting a system which negates everything, adapting in a religious way a doctrine in wh