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You can't change the unchangeable

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You can't change the unchangeable.
But you can define what is changeable and what is unchangeable.

The changeable you also can't change.
But you can accept it.

Bottom line:

Behave as if you are in a big sex party

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Throughout Europe and north America mass sex parties are taking place, usually in sex clubs.

Nothing is a dream until you wake up

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Nothing is a dream until you wake up.

This is maybe the only irrefutable claim with regard to reality.

The Three Levels of Understanding - Part 2

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Level 3 - Transformation of Conditionings

We believe that we are a one solid "I" but actually there are many different, sometimes contradicting "I"s, acting within us, or more accurately, there is no "I" within us at all, just a bundle of numerous conditionings reacting to situations in an almost mechanical way according to previous experiences in this life and in previous lives. Our unconscious behavior which constitutes most of our daily being is dictated by these conditionings. A transformation, therefore, is primarily a transformation of our conditioning programing.

"Am I The Body" meditation

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Look at your body as an external object.

The importance of romantic relationships for self realization

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They say experiencing romantic relationship is important for self realization. They are correct!

First look for love, then for someone to love

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You are looking for someone in order to find love.

But it is vice versa - you need first to look for love then you will find someone to love.

A fresh restart to a brave new world

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First you need to observe - which means not to suppress - to be able to bring the mental residues of the pain to the surface.

And we know that still this is not enough...

Spiritual cost-benefit analysis

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If you feel that you must seek something, do not seek knowledge, seek realization. Not necessarily self realization, realization of any kind.

Are you truly convinced that you are not the body?

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You read numerous testimonies of realized ones that said you are not the body.

You agreed with the logic in that.

You understood it intellectually.