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Schizophrenia or an advanced spiritual state?

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What is Schizophrenia?

A cheat sheet to recognize a bogus guru

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With so many faked gurus around, I think we should construct a cheat sheet with guidelines based on each one's experience on how to recognize (or at least suspect) a bogus guru...


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What do you think about Enlightenment?
What are concept and mis concept about Enlightenment as per you.

Unity of religious people!

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Inshallah all religious and spiritual people, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and others, unite and leave all the nonsense fighting about the "ownership of god" that has polluted the ener

Stick to one guru or be open to many?

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I would like to open this discussion. I'm sometimes doubting whether I should stick to one guru or rather be open to teachings and satsangs of several.

According to science our natural state is sleeping

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We all think that being awake is our natural state and that sleeping is just a necessary appendix to the waking state.

The Three Levels of Understanding - Part 1

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There are three level of understanding. In order to fully and permanently understand a truth, in order to trigger a real personal transformation based on that truth, the understanding should penetrate into all the three levels.

Zion is more Matrix than the Matrix

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I am watching Matrix again.

It is playing on some TV channel right now.

When I first watched Matrix in the cinema years ago, I knew nothing about Advaita.

Are you jumpy when you watch a horror movie?

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Are you jumpy when you watch a horror movie?

If you are then you are not ready yet to awaken from the illusory reality.

You can't change the unchangeable

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You can't change the unchangeable.
But you can define what is changeable and what is unchangeable.

The changeable you also can't change.
But you can accept it.

Bottom line: