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About Emptiness

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Some say because it is the most simple, it
can be the most difficult to achieve. The
simple truth is seldom the most popular.
But to call it by any other name does not

The sleeping mode of "Mind" is called "Awakened" in spirituality,

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"Mind" never sleeps, "Mind" keeps on running even during the sleeping mode of body, That is way one have dreams during sleeps,

Nonstriving Spontaneity

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An individual matter but it is
important to know this precisely...
where strength and flexibility
are merged nothing can bind you
inwardly there is no damage
outwardly there is no loss

silent motion in spirit

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Speaking the language of sages
you are never any less than who you are…
an analysis of the hexagrams through
daily changes is the way of knowing principle…

Bad things that happen...

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"When a summit of life is reached, when the bud unfolds and
from the lesser the greater emerges, then, as Nietzsche
says, 'One becomes Two,' and the greater figure, which one