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Mingle yourself

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Mingle yourself! - this is an important rule for a businessman when attending a business event.

This is also an important rule for a spiritual person.

Please. I am Looking For a True Kundalini Shaktipat.

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Hi Everyone. My name is Shawn Elmer. Im from NJ. My biggest goal in this lifetime is to awaken and develop kundalini. ITs the thing I want more than anything.

Auras - What they are and what a god aura reader sees.

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Here is some of the information from William LePar's source The Council on Auras. This was requested by one of my friends but I thought all would be interested.

Healing Power of Color Therapy

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Every person is under the influence of one color or another, and s/he sees life through the filter/glass of that color. Yet, people don’t normally think about colors.


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Life is protected by Love....)
Love is the garland of Life....)
Loves gives the Aura to your life....)
Life without aura is living a life of Beast....!!!!

methods of creating aura

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We all understand that creating an aura around ourselves is needed.
As a matter of fact every one has an aura around him/herself. Do we have to strengthen this aura.
many say yes.
I also say yes.