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Throwing clutter as a practice to face our death

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Throwing clutter is one of the hardest things to do.

When I see a very expensive car

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When I see a very expensive car, I see a man who realizes at the last moment that it was all in vain,

and then dies,

either regretfully

or laughingly if he is lucky enough.

Why does the Self get identified with the body and mind?

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When there is a strong pain or pleasure, the Self is getting identified with the mind and body.

The widespread belief is that it is doing so out of desire or fear.

Does indeed more money mean more problems?

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You know this proverb "More money - more problems", the argument that says that the more possessions you have, the less happy you are.

What is Love?

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It’s interesting, love.
I’m not sure I have ever really known what it means.
Does is sit in our minds, our brains, our hearts,
our spirits, our souls, our emotions, all of these?


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People often see just two options -- attachment and rejection. The third option, detachment, is often missed by the mind, which tends to think dualistically. Letting go is the answer.

— Omkaradatta

Attachment & Hatred

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How does one remove attachment and hatred? The only solution is to consider this entire illusory world as a creation of the mind. Praise and insult, attachment and hatred only augment the apparent reality of this illusion.

— Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu

Yours Versus You

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Nothing is Yours, You Are Everything

— Paramahamsa Mahaguru Elanggovan


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`Bhoopathy lived upto his name which meant "The Lord of the Earth". His single minded devotion was to acquiring more and more land.

Spiritual Journey

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Your spiritual journey can only begin when you
give up your attachment to the melodramatic
story that you’ve been calling your life.

Detachment doesn’t mean, however, that you’re
uninvolved with the illusory world.

Detachment only means that your involvement
with the world is at such a high level that you
have no demands about what…or how…it's

Consequently, whatever happens in your life is
always 100% OK with you.

The last step, then, is to become detached from
your detachment.

— Chuck Hillig

Seeds for the Soul
Black Dot Publications, 2003