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The Scientific Proof Of The Soul Or Atma

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Rama Rao Das asks,
“Atom, chromosome and molecule-
All scientists cause me ridicule.
Oh, Guru, please explain how to produce self-illuminating light

Kundalini Yoga!

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Rama Rao Das asks,
“How does the individual soul (Atma)
Become the Universal Soul? (Paramatma)
What is the end of Yoga?
For Yoga be the union
With God, is Your firm opinion.”


Location Of Atma In The Body

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In the wood like the unseen flame
In the body Atma is situated the same,
Like unextracted oil in the sesame
In the body He is situated the same.
As they engage in the eternal game


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"Every creation has seeds of greatness planted within us. Each seed is simply waiting for the right moment to blossom into fullness. Humans with all the intelligence can truly sense it and allow the divine ordained transformation to happen. But majority of the people hold conditions as the base for development, evolution, transformation and keep feeding the seed with poison every single moment, over a period of time the seed dies a natural death leaving a frustrated, hopeless soul behind."
~ His Hliness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

— His Hliness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

Inner Self

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Every teacher fails in himself,
Each scripture fails in itself,
Everybody fails in himself
Unless you heed to your inner self
Even God cannot change your self,
This God has admitted Himself.