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Textual Addiction of the mind

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Try just for one day to abstain from text. No reading, no writing, no internet, no profound contemplations, no looking for explanations and reasons, no text.

Addicted people can't meditate

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I find it hard to meditate, I get bored and then agitated and restless as soon as I begin meditating. This stress compels me to stop.

This is natural, it is great that you admit it. There are many people, even "experienced spiritualists" that overlook this and thus get only more agitated during meditation.

One day a week without a computer or TV. Can you?

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One day per each and every week without computer, without TV. Can you?

Addictions - Are you aware of yours?

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Have you ever asked yourself if you have any addictions?

How to recognize the mind's tricks

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That part in you
that tricks you into eating
when you smoke Marijuana
is the same part
that tricks you
in other times and matters.
We call it mind.