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How do we accept? (Part 2)

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The mind fuctions spontaneously according to it's conditioning, and so acceptance is a matter of altering the conditioning rather than trying to cause mind to accept through an egoic choice to do so.

Don't Get Mad, Get Glad

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Last evening, as I was reading, with my 13 year old son, Spencer, from the book Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth, we entered into a delicious dialogue on the meaning of resistance.

Everything Begins with You!

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Many of us get caught in the trap of always seeking things in life but not realizing that we are at the source of all our experiences.

If you fail to accept

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If you fail to accept, accept the failure.

— Riktam Kantu

How do we accept? (Part 5)

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Challenging beliefs-Seeking clarity

* If I do it right, I can create a happy life for myself.

How do we accept? (Part 4)

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You cannot stop someone else from having what you want. You can only stop yourself from wanting what they have. And if you do, you have all that you ever need: Acceptance.

— Omkaradatta

The two magics

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I'm going to tell you about two magics. They are real magics, phenomenal occurrences that involve the paranormal, phenomenal occurrences that are inexplicable by logic.

Putting Perfection in the imperfection...

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For those of you unfamiliar with the movie "Love and Other Drugs," it is essentially a romantic-comedy that follows the love interest of a pharmaceutical sales rep (boy) and an adventurous, charitable

Why I am going to hell and how I feel about it. Yeah Right!

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Recently, I stumbled upon a group of people that called themselves the authentic Israelites (Black Hebrew Isrealites).