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Nonstriving Spontaneity

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An individual matter but it is
important to know this precisely...
where strength and flexibility
are merged nothing can bind you
inwardly there is no damage
outwardly there is no loss

Actions are better than words

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Is it not said that those who know do not ask, and those
who ask do not know.
Results may not be as important as actions, perhaps we
should ask ourselves what is the purpose or method of

Two Time Lines

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Words are no better than
the lens of understanding
through which
they can be perceived.

The Tao means all things to all people
from christian to Crowley. The question

One Energy

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Great green Dragon Fly
Alights atop my head
Sunset behind
amber clouds
just above
distant pines...
Caculate the lift
of high branch
above crystal waters
release with proper pitch

Bad things that happen...

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"When a summit of life is reached, when the bud unfolds and
from the lesser the greater emerges, then, as Nietzsche
says, 'One becomes Two,' and the greater figure, which one