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Fire and Ice

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Some days we are all water other days all fire
how few ever notice the root source of change.

When in darkness when in danger where
there is difficulty stillness is the key

About Emptiness

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Some say because it is the most simple, it
can be the most difficult to achieve. The
simple truth is seldom the most popular.
But to call it by any other name does not

Celestial Tao

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What is the Tao according to which filters
we prefer to employ? When it comes the Tao
of 'true eternity' there are few who are

It has been said:

being present

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With regard to The Logic of Taoism by Bill
Mason; Of course this is all well and good
for as far as the western mind is able to
grasp the ungraspable. Without passing

Secret Parting

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I understand the hesitancy that we all must
feel at times when taking on the responsibility
of doing this work ourselves alone. Parting with
self-importance comes about as inevitably as

Continuing Light

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"As it is faultless, the great Tao can be attained... "

Vague at first then becoming clear
creativity grows, growth bears friut...
"Then true yin and true yang join:

silent motion in spirit

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Speaking the language of sages
you are never any less than who you are…
an analysis of the hexagrams through
daily changes is the way of knowing principle…

More things to consider

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Setting the bar for a group discussion in forum... things to consider posted from a more progessive site.

the path of continual renewal

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“But the way to fill oneself with benevolence
and justice and taste enlightened qualities is all
in seeking by oneself, not relying on others.”

Bought and sold

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In great proliferation we have sent

our dollors overseas so that transnation

corpoations could collect our depts

and return the favor by buying up