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A glimpse of satori

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Disconnected, disidentified, disoriented completely
That's how I woke up the first morning in Bangkok
The long flights and many hours with no sleep
or the charged memories of familiar delights

The absurdity of labeling spiritual doctrines as scientific

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Lately, there is this fashion of labeling spiritual doctrines as scientific.

It intends to convey a sense of accuracy through consistency, seriousness and precision.

The enigmatic sense of 'I Am'

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The sense of 'I Am' is your natural sense, you just may not be aware of it.

It's your distilled sense of being without the additions of body, mind, this world.

The body and the user manual

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It is amazing that we were given this sophisticated body.

But it is more amazing that we were given its user manual with it.

Think about it. It is not trivial.

The missing part in the Law of Success

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In order to succeed, either any doing towards this success should be completely selfishless or alternatively you should be completely aware of your selfish motives.

You cannot observe your trust

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You cannot observe your trust, you cannot measure your level of belief, trust and belief are beyond the mind.

Spiritual salesrep is the same as any other salesrep

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There are those who write here and in other spiritual forums that you notice immediately that they do not care about you, they are not into truly share anything with you, this is just an excuse for th