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Imagine a robot

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Imagine a robot who is programmed
to always march to the north
Unless the robot is broken
he will never march to the south.
In that sense it is predestined
until he wakes up.

Everything has consciousness, including God

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Everything has consciousness.

In all levels:
someone-defined objects,
including man-defined objects,
including man himself,
and God.

I Am Not

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Your sense of being is the most fundamental sense you have upon awakening from sleep.

This is the meaning of the sense of "I Am".

Reasons for the ups and downs on the spiritual path

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I opened a new discussion in the forums dedicated to the reasons for the so evident nature of ups and downs we see in the spiritual journey.

Don't fear not to fear

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Don't fear not to fear.

I know you think fear protects you against dangers.

That without it you wouldn't survive.

That's not true.

I tell you.

Nothing is a dream until you wake up

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Nothing is a dream until you wake up.

This is maybe the only irrefutable claim with regard to reality.

Your wish is your command

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Remember the "your wish is my command" you used to utter in the days you thought you love your spouse?

7 most powerful yet simple meditations

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  1. Accepting and observing whatever is now.
  2. Self Inquiry - Observe your sense of "I", your many personalities, all these false "I"s you can observe as objects and therefore are not truly you, the observing subject. Make sure to observe these "I"s with no identification. Use the question "Who Am I?" but do not try to answer it intellectually, wait for the mental pointer to arise spontaneously from the question and direct you to a current sense of "I"

The difference between belief and trust

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In the language of the bible, Hebrew, the words belief and trust are very similar, almost the same. Trust in Hebrew is EMUN while belief is EMUNA.