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Realization Live

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It will happen
One day
With no prenotice
Your anticipations
Your fears
You dreams
Will pose no problem
Don't worry
It will not be something
You can amend.

They will all
Easily break

Observe the bear, accept it and then move on

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Observe the bear, don't pretend it's not there, don't make it invisible.

Accept the bear, the very fact the it's there, don't resist it.

And then move on.

You are very close to liberation

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You are very close.
You can even hear sometimes
the waves of the ocean.

Don't rush it now
and spoil everything.
Desire, fear and the man with the glasses in the middle
will chase you

The worst lier is the one who presents his beliefs as factual truths

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We have no choice but to rely on beliefs and theories when we adopt a certain spiritual path.

Flourish and blossom - that's enough

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Flourish and blossom - that's enough.

No need for other goals - enlightenment, knowledge, truth.

Flourish and blossom - like a healthy cherry tree.

Your most fundamental fears

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Your most fundamental fears are inherited

Your most fundamental fears, the ones that grievously spoil your quality of life, the ones that paralyze you completely, happen to be fears you inherited from your parents.