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In the beginning my Father said"let there be Light"and there was & I my brothers and sisters came to be & we were that light,Individual Atoms of light & consciousness in the Image of our Father.

Who am I? /Who are You?

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We think we know more than others because we on the spiritual Path,that it's all a dream, the great Maya.

What can you do for me?

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I went to a hypnotist and asked "what can you do for me?"
He said "I can make you think you are any form you could Imagine". Sounds intresting I said, "what's the catch? there's always a catch!

We Are ONE

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I am you and you are me
WE are not many, two or three

I have no religion as you can see
I am not Buddhist, christian or Jew
I am me and I am you

Not muslim,Sikh or Hindu

What's your choice ?

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If at the age of 18 someone came to you and said "the Fruits from all your past lives, Good and Bad can be recieved in this life and then you will be free to be one with God after you have enjoyed or


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If there are no Limits except those we set ourselves.
No walls except those we builb, then there should be no Love that has not been given freely.

Beyond the Avatar / Body

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No uglier than the most beautiful
No more beauitful than those whose eyes consider me ugly

No younger than the babe
No older than the ancestors

No brighter than the Genius