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It's the simplest thing to do.

You just have to remember
and forget the rest.

What is presence and what is not

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Presence is a term we use very often in the spiritual context. It seems trivial and straightforward.

I just ask you to watch your thoughts

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I just ask you to watch your thoughts.
I don't ask you to stop them.
I don't ask you to stop identifying with the thinker.

Reduce yourself to a tiny dimensionless point

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Reduce yourself to a point, the tiniest one, a dimensionless one, not to Atman, not to being, not to Self, not to some other concept, just reduce yourself to a tiny dimensionless point.

Ego and such

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There isn't really such thing as ego.
There is a collection of fears that point to the same direction.
But a direction is not a thing, it only gives a sense as if there is a thing.

Meditation or Premeditation?

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Do you have any idea of how your meditation is going to be before actually entering into meditation?

Do you have a plan for your meditation? a scheme? a layout?

Knowledge is not necessarily power

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"Knowledge is power" told us our parents over and over again. Naturally, they wanted to convince us to be good students, to go to college, to go to university.

Before leaving home make sure all doors and windows are closed

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Each time you leave home, check the 2 doors and 5 windows of the house to make sure they are well closed:

A powerful exercise: opposite of the opposite

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The mind is tricky. It's time to pay it back with the same kind of tricks it is playing on us. You will find this approach as very efficient in neutralizing the mind. It is simple, yet explosive!

Take No Prisoners

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Take no prisoners!

Open the gates and release them all, set them free, chase them out, be firm, be vulgar if necessary.