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Soul Pieces

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Soul Pieces

Somehow within the clouds of disillusionment, I lost my way

Searching for the pieces of my soul that went away

Knocking on doors, glancing through windows

What is your SOUL worth?

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What is your soul worth?

Did you ever wonder what your soul is worth? Not to you mind you, but to others…

Peace in the sea of chaos...

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Peace in the sea of chaos©

It is quite interesting how the polarity of opposites creates conflict, while balance, acceptance and ultimately forgiveness create peace.

The Gift

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The Gift ©

Still One?

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Still One?©

Split seconds of time

For a while I thought you were mine

A blink of an eye, a wave of hand

Like magic, it disappeared into the sand

Erased from memory’s storage banks

What Really Matters

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What Really Matters©

I am not interested in your ancestral tree or how deep your roots are…

But what type of foundation they have laid for who you are now

Ooooops...I Forgot The Map

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Ooooops...I Forgot The Map©

Total Abyss

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Total Abyss©

Slowly, the water rises up - the whirlpool engulfs me

Deeper and deeper into darkness, I can no longer see

Numbness overtakes, coldness sets in…emptiness


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Slowly mounting, tremulous pitches, heighten senses

Hurricane passions, whipping against the gates of the soul

Whispered echoes of hearts beating in rhyme

You and Me

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You and Me

Why do you haunt my dreams at night

Touch me and make my heart take to flight

Who are you?

Where are you?

Why don’t you come to me?

Show me the face I so long to see