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The paranormal

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There are certainly such things as hauntings, and the paranormal, but I don't think they're what people believe them to be.

The Accident

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Most don't seem to care for the prescription "do nothing, just BE", and most don't care either for "do everything you can to get rid of the self", and so it becomes a personal path, created as one goe


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If there can be said to be something called 'enlightenment', then, it is more of a 'way of life' than anything else.

How will one live?

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Poster: "Suffering is only in the resistance, and so if you have become a "hollow bamboo" there is no resistance and you are not suffering. Humans do not want to be hollow bamboo."


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Listen carefully, carefully to

the silence, silence,

It is telling you something,

Something, about our condition,


One can rage, rage, against

The use of memory

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Most of mankind's problems can be traced to one specific thing -- the compulsive use of memory.

For you, with love, from someone very special...

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I'd like to begin by introducing myself, although we are already well-acquainted.

I am in fact *EVERYONE BUT YOU*.

You are happiness

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When you discover that:

* You are happiness, and you merely lend your own Essence to that in the external word which makes you happy....

Nondual Switcheroo

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The following message may cause dizziness, be forewarned.

Let's try a "switcheroo" in this message, and see if we can see where 'ego' actually comes from.

Introduction to Nonduality (Advaita)

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"There is a Reality which is Indivisible, One, Alone, the Source and Being of all; not a thing, nor even a mind, but pure Spirit or clear Consciousness; and we are That and nothing but That, for That