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They Are Put Aside!

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They are put aside
With wealth who like to side;
They are put aside
Who show pride;
They are put aside
On the senses who cannot ride;
They are put aside
By truth, who cannot abide;


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Rama Rao Das asks,
“How could it be jihad if one holds a gun or a sword?
Oh! my Guru, let the Koran be known in a word…
Who is great? Greater is who?
What does the Koran state?

Atomic Energy

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Rama Rao Das asks,
“Seers say, “Whatever is here,
Of course, is there.”
Oh, my Guru, tell me, what is the ground
That causes the atomic energy sound?”

Guru Siddha Nath says,

God Is For The Young & Bold!

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God is not for the old
When the senses are cold;
They wasted their youth
Hence difficult is truth.
He is for the young and bold;
Only they can behold.


The Truly Great!

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They are the great; truly they are the great;
On His lotus feet, who concentrate;
They are the great; only they are the great.
Though they are illiterate
Them I cannot rate

Brain Washing!

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The brain washing
Done by a washerman:
Cloth is the mind or brain.
Wash it with water of restraint
In the bucket of character.
Rub the dirt of lust, anger and greed

Unselfish Love!

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Develop unselfish love,
God is got by divine love
Neither by sensual love
Nor by mutual love.

Recollect the Emperor Sibi, for unselfish love

Men & Cattle

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For men enough is word,
For cattle, enough is goad,
Fools cannot be set right
For they always fight.

*** Salutations to the shoes of Guru Siddha Nath ***

Hard Is Truth's Course

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Who has not practiced avarice?
Even after knowing about Jesus’ self-sacrifice.
And they took to guns throwing away swords
Even after listening to Mohammed’s words.

On God None Can Seal

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On God none can seal,
Him none can conceal,
He Himself will reveal
Provided Him you feel,
Thee He will heal
If at His lotus feet, you kneel.

Him no book can reveal,