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Only Dust!

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If parents you kick
And guests you prick
And to wife you stick
But for God, you light a wick,
Only dust you’ll lick.
Know your mind is sick.

False Gurus Cannot Rebel!

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False Gurus cannot rebel
Against fools but uphold them well,
Against untruth they cannot rebel
Nevertheless, false Gurus guard it well,
False Gurus cannot quell
Their egos but obey them well,

Efficiency Of The Soul!

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Rama Rao Das asks,
“As You have perfect proficiency
With knowledge, fill my deficiency.
Whose work has 100% efficiency?
Explain technology, on the whole,

One Is No More!

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One is no more a minister
If one becomes a person sinister.
One is no more a judge
From truth if one does budge.
One is no more a president
If one is no more confident.


The Saint!

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He is the saint
Who is not faint;
He is the saint
Who is free of main taint;
He is the saint
Whose wisdom is quaint;
He is the saint
Who has no complaint;
He is the saint
Who has restraint;

God Is The Content!

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In everything, God is the content;
Even in you, He is latent.
On Him if you are intent,
He Himself will be present.

*** Salutations to the shoes of my Eternal Father Guru Siddha Nath ***

Lame Wisdom!

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Mecca conveys no message
If one has no knowledge.
The Vedas have no standing
If one has no understanding.
Pope means nope
If one has no hope.

God will not save

Who Will Cry?

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Who will cry?
And you know why?
Who lets his duties fly,
Who doesn’t even try
Only he will cry.
From him He will fly
Then he becomes sly.

The Supreme Law Of Human!

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No Guru is there for woman,
The Guru is worshipped by man,
The husband is worshipped by woman.
This is the Supreme law of human.
The husband is God and Guru for woman,

True Religion is 1, 1 and only 1!

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The true Guru is only one,
The minute indweller is only one,
The Eternal Father is only one,
Never ending bliss is only one,
Endless love is only one,
Infinite consciousness is only one,