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The Learned!

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They are the learned
If wisdom they earned,
To the Guru they turned,
God they churned,
Untruth they spurned,
Ego they burned,
To heaven they returned,
They are the learned.

Guru's Lotus Feet!

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Rama Rao Das asked,
“Who is secure in heaven?
Who is secure after controlling the eleven?
Who is secure even after conquering the seven?
Who is secure even after the mind becomes even?

The Essence Of All Religions!

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Let truth be your speech,
Let righteousness never breach,
Practice what parents teach
Next, what the true Guru does preach.
Their services ever you beseech,
Then satisfy guests each,

The Wise Vs Fools

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Knowledge contains both good and bad.
The bad is taken by fools who are mad,
The wise take only the good with their minds fixed
Like royal swans sip only milk though the water be mixed.

The End Of All Scriptural Knowledge!

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Not this, not this – the Vedas blared,
The voice came from Him – the Smritis declared,
Renunciation – the Gita spared,
At His qualitis – the Puranas stared,

Types Of Silence!

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Some have become silent
As in Him, they are content.
Some observe silence
To keep the mind in balance.
Some keep being silent
As they lack truth to present.
Some observe periodic silence

The Mind Control From The Gita!

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Arjuna asked,
“Oh! Lord, how to bind?
The wavering mind
Is as strong as the wind.
Difficult I do find.”

The Blessed Lord said,
“Constant practice and dispassion combined

Who Behold Him?

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Who are bold
To equally hold
Stone and gold,
Him, they can behold.

*** Salutations to the shoes of my Guru Siddha Nath ***

I Am That!

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To say ‘I am That’* is wrong,
To say ‘I am Brahma’# is more wrong,
And to say ‘I’m Shiva’^ is the most wrong.

For their ignorance is the most strong
To Him they cannot belong

The Wise & Fools!

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The wise follow the one
Who has followed someone.
Fools follow the one
Who has followed none.

*** Salutations to the shoes of Guru Siddha Nath ***