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Divine experience of Premjyoti, chief disciple of Mahashakti Anandini Ma

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Today l would like to share with you all something for which words seem too short .My mother Mahashakti Anandini has drenched my soul with the eternal love and supreme blessings by giving me darshanas

Guru Ma Anandini

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You can get connected with Guru Ma Anandini on Facebook.

Purpose of your being here

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"You all know that your physical body is made up of matter and atoms,which can be destroyed any moment still you get so much attached to it and forget to realise your true being,which is immortal.Stop

Release of book

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Guru Ji's book 'The Ultimate Destination' has released.You can send your address ,if interested to get the copy through VPP.Cost of book is Rs. 150.

Finding A Perfect Guru

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Dear Brother,

your first question-Which is the perfect way to find a perfect Guru?

Importance of a guru in spiritual journey

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You can only reach at your destination,when you have a perfect master with you,without guru walking on the path of spirituality would be like,a blind person crossing a road on his own.It is the Guru w