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Karma Yoga - 1

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Master Sarvari Namaskaram-Master CVV Namaskaram-Master MTA Namaskaram-

What is Karma Yoga?
It is a Million Dollar question.
Karma and Yoga both are contradictory terms.

Yoga Practice - 2

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Thus we begin our inner travel safely undisturbed. It helps natural development. We don’t fear for the nothingness. Rather, WE BEGIN TOLIKE IT AND LOVE IT AND WANT TO BE CONTINUOUSLY IN SERENITY.

Yoga Practice - 1

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-Master Sarvari Namaskaram-Master CVV Namaskaram-Master MTA Namaskaram-

Nobody is born as a Yogi. Anybody can become a Yogi by Sadhana (practice).

Patanjali -2

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As we progress in Sadhana all the obstacles weaken, dissolve and disappear. So, we need not right from the beginning cut short our desires or divert our way of living.


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-Master Sarvari Namaskaram – Master CVV Namaskaram – Master MTA Namaskaram-

We remember Sage Patanjali as the first exponent of Yoga. Really the Yoga world is much indebted to him.

Prayerfu Worship - 2

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Every Mantra is a prayer. It is a link between Master and the Medium, between a Guru and a sishya, between a spiritual teacher and the student. Mantra forms basis for Meditation.

Prayerfu Worship - 1

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- Master Sarvari Namaskaram-
- Master CVV Namaskaram-

Mantra & Tantra - 2

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Let us suppose that the other worlds are in an order. They are formed according to their strength and their usefulness. In our Yogic language we name them Physical, astral, psychic, budhic.

Mantra & Tantra

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-Master Sarvari Namaskaram-
-Master CVV Namaskaram-

Mantra works on power of sound.
Yoga works on power of Silence.

The Growth & Origin Of Yoga - 3

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We come across a number of swamis exhibiting gimmicks for their livelihood. Generally, such people scale no spiritual heights, but get on as god men with their miracles.