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Between Everything And Nothing At All

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There are many ideas what this looks like

This shift of which we speak

Mostly about who one wants to be... or would like to become

Seeking... seeking

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

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Between the devil and the deep blue sea

God alone knows how long I lived like that

In hope and fear

Caught between a rock and a hard place



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Something wondrous happens... when you've met the deep pain in yourself

And in that intimacy
The pain dissolved

Leaving an emptiness

Empty of even a reflection in itself of itself

The Dreamer Is Being Dreamt

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I watch haplessly
As I see them dying a thousand deaths
This dreamer-less dream

Even as a knowingness percolates
Into the dream
That there's not even nothing there

All made up

The Linchpin

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Born To Be Wild

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It struck me as quite fascinating how each precious gem emerges... wired so uniquely

One stubborn as hell... but oh so obedient... always doing the right thing
Fitting right in

And The Tiger Was She

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And the tiger was she

Her own love ripping her apart
Shredding mercilessly
All the ideas she ever had of herself

Oh the tiger loved her alright
In a tiger-y sort of way

And she ran

On The Water... Leaves No Dent

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It was the awareness that was deemed higher than and separate from the perceiver and the perceived
And the longing for I didn't even know what

Many...would talk of union or merging

Enlivened... Enlit

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Fronds of palms and trunks of coconut trees
Dancing shadows on a wall

And here we be's
You and me

You don't have a shadow

You are the shadow
All lit up


The Bigger, Better, Me

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Hanging on till the nails bleed
Quickly filling in the blanks with a bigger, better, me

Sounds real puuurrrrtttty

Or eternal consciousness
Or soul
Or even god