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A Ripple And A Sunbeam

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A ripple and a sunbeam
Went chasing each other's tail

Skinny dipping
On the waters of the lake

Whizzing by on a skateboard
All over the place

Is a ram-rod majestic sycamore

Telling A Mirage How To Be

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It all happens spontaneously

There's simply no making a right or wrong out of it

On The Edge Of A Feather

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Aaaahhhh...this intuited unicity

Knowing we are not separate from each other
Nor separate from love

Not one
Not two
Nor none

Where there is no me
Nor other
Nor love

Pierced By A Feather

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The ocean sings on the sands

Dancing a two step
With a necklace of yesterday's leaves

Sighing dreams into a wreath

The vice-like grip

Of Goldfish And Pigeons And Guppies

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At my old home I had a little fish pond going in the terrace garden

With guppies and goldfish
And a couple of large grey sucker fish
That would lay motionless

Nectar Cannot Taste Itself

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And when the other left
Leaving half an empty space
One half of a kiss remained

It left me bereft
Nectar cannot know the taste of itself

And you longed to kiss yourself

And The Fullness Comes Marching In

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Eternity's ring

It never went anywhere

It was always where it had been
Awaiting your kiss

Your own lips

An ocean dying...parched
Looking for the wetness of water

A Love Like This

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It poured and pored and poured forth
It was uncontainable
Inundating me

There was no stopping this runaway train
It had a life of its own
Doing itself

I had no clue

A love like this

And Your Own Song Sings Back To You

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Many teachers and gurus use words like "god" or "self"

The Fragrance Of Spring

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Perhaps that's why I shut the fuck up
For a long number of years

I never had the words
And I just intrinsically knew it was premature

And withdrew into Ramana's proverbial cave