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Who Me... Who She...

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I was telling darling aunty when I went to visit her

End April of 2011...about a few months before she died

She was about 75 years old or so

That there was nothing to fear

For The Day To Just, Awaken To This Dawn

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Its beauty blinding... wondrously unadorned

Naked, as the day we were born


The sheer iridescent, natural, naked beauty

Blazing fire
Almost too blinding to bear

Fountain of Grace

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"Once the essential emptiness of the self is apperceived.......the centre can no longer hold. A natural process, or shift in perspective, begins ...."~~MM

Cherry Blossoms Blowing In The Wind

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Life simply does itself

Doing and undoing itself simultaneously

Much as one would like to claim volition
I can't seem to find any volition, at all
In any of it

Exquisite Whispers of Breath

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Truth... ahhhh... yes!!

25 or 27 years ago, I landed at my guru's feet, looking for Truth !!

Oh man, I had no idea, what that was, or even why I was asking... !!!!!!

Monkey Business, This

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The self can't see through it's own non self-ness

Through the solidity of itself

And it does seem so solid

Just like a mirage cannot un-mirage itself

Are We There Yet?

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The song, sings itself

Drowning into your own tears

All handholds of control
Fall through

A translucent mirage

Transparently beautiful

A meme-fied life, can at best be

Floating Clouds, Strung On A String

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Echoes murmuring

Into the background

Even as these songs of silence sing

Empty chamber
Echoeless cliffs

The echoes of my own heart song
For which I thirsted

All's Right With The World

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The presence of love... a happy garden

Many years ago, a friend of mine
She died a while back...

Got heavily involved in Vaastu... the Indian equivalent of Feng Shui

Blind Sided

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Blind sided
By definitive pronouncements

And a clingy need
Of fixed positions

To keep one safe
From the swirling of tempestuous hurricanes
Of this flowing tapestry