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I'm surrounded by wealth and abundance

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The way to attract to yourself wealth and abundance is not by hoping or imagining wealth and abundance in the FUTURE.

Can you remain worthless, hopeless, witless?

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Are you willing to release all that you believe in?

Just not to care about anything?

To have nothing?

To allow yourself to be neither bored nor enthusiastic when you are still?

A spiritual acrobat with a trampoline underneath

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I think this is a beautiful quote:

The Spiritual Acrobat

The importance of romantic relationships for self realization

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They say experiencing romantic relationship is important for self realization. They are correct!

Everything is a spiritual lesson even if it is not

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Regard everything as if it is a spiritual lesson even if there is no metaphysical entity that orchestrated it with the intention to be a such, even if there is no soul of yours or a g

Just don't

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I (the body, the mind, the person) am not enlightened. That which I let to operate through me is.

The Three Levels of Understanding - Part 1

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There are three level of understanding. In order to fully and permanently understand a truth, in order to trigger a real personal transformation based on that truth, the understanding should penetrate into all the three levels.

The Three Levels of Understanding - Part 2

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Level 3 - Transformation of Conditionings

We believe that we are a one solid "I" but actually there are many different, sometimes contradicting "I"s, acting within us, or more accurately, there is no "I" within us at all, just a bundle of numerous conditionings reacting to situations in an almost mechanical way according to previous experiences in this life and in previous lives. Our unconscious behavior which constitutes most of our daily being is dictated by these conditionings. A transformation, therefore, is primarily a transformation of our conditioning programing.

Why can't I see ghosts?

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If the totality of your mind, both conscious and unconscious, unanimously wants something to manifest in the dream called "reality", it will manifest. This something can be anything, including ghosts.

From effort to enthusiasm

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I am not sure I fully understand the difference in motive between "effort" and "enthusiasm".

To demonstrate the difference, take a look at sex: you better do sex out of enthusiasm, god forbid you try to do it by effort. The same is in spirituality.