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How to recognize the mind's tricks

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That part in you
that tricks you into eating
when you smoke Marijuana
is the same part
that tricks you
in other times and matters.
We call it mind.

That Love

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That love has no rules
No rules whatsoever
Not moral, not bureaucrat
And not rules of the gender.

In times for the worse
And in times for the better
Awake or asleep
Always try to remember:

His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Nobody Maharaj

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The more "Sri"s in your name
the more stupid your followers are.

Tell me who your followers are
and I will tell you who you are.

My guru has more "Sri"s in his name

Two dominant yet conflictive personalities within the same person, does it sound familiar?

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There are many personalities within a person, not just one as we tend to believe.

Church warns against social networking sites

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Church warns against social networking sites
AFP, August 2, 2009 - 10:19PM

Spiritual cost-benefit analysis

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If you feel that you must seek something, do not seek knowledge, seek realization. Not necessarily self realization, realization of any kind.