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Our servitude and the penance coexist.
Will the learned know who they serve,
Or the learner whom to serve.
Does not life exists for our penance.

A child born remembers not his past.


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O! Performing artist of the weak and fickle mind.
Multi-headed serpent, frothing the air, in poisoned breath.
Degenerating, the Supreme, through creative lores,

Towards Immortality

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Have we time enough,
To gloat about,
The dewy haze
Of blossoming spring’s.

Human fears,
That seem to grope along.
As it hustles through humid lips.
Reckless mind,


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The Param Atma manifests
In beings,
As creators in the lords footsteps.
The shackles of the soul,
For those undefined
Unconqured paths in nature;
Recreates new horizons

Discovering Faith

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The Ganga flows
In gurgling ripples of laughter.
Overflowing edges
With its snow melted contents.
Quenching the foliage
With it’s sacred holiness,
And the stillness in the air