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Native's Clout

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Up the flowing-stream
Against the light beams
Through the mystic greens
I walk in delight.

Sweat drops to persist
Breathe free in the twists
Each step will resist
Inhale water’s mists.

Love Goddess

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Let the incense burn smoke aromas,
As cinders in love to caress hues,
Tread as you will in sublime softness,
To choose or charge my innocent Dream.

This no vision of erotic tricks,


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Infinite thy song sings;
To praise Him, and only Him:
The Mighty is every where,
We live within Him in eternity:

Are we here, there, every where,
Does body soul and mind mean anything?

The Luster At Dawn

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Strike above the mountains, enlighten me with joy,

Unbound today the passions, darkness to destroy,

Playful be thy mystery, hazy clouds devour,

Anoint me with your magic, beauty I endure.


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Tunnel beyond the power of reason my belief,

I click the elements at work in unbridled faith;

O! Lord Forgive Me

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At the door step of eternity
I burn my last candles
Reflections of the past steps
I lost tell a different story

Checkmated and done
Each move damming
My delinquency
This: my game of life?

Eternal Love

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I long with my heart for someone to love
To breath a freshness with nectar's sweet,
Whisper her thoughts to a lover mate
And move in form, with my swaying soul.


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The throngs of realization bring out the limitless in humans.
Cognition flowing from all generic transmutation.
Survival is of the fittest, the time honored essence.


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Supreme Energy, fluid nothing, effervescent Om:
Structured universal life, matter’s unfolding cosmos;
Exhilarating evolution, expanding along the physicals.


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Tantalize the soul with the words of the supreme,
Lock your self to the silence of the universe?
Splashing nothing with nothing in cocktail punches,