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Spirituality is a gambling game

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Sometimes, the true seems false and the false seems true, the effective seems ineffective and the ineffective seems effective.

Meditation VS Knowledge according to Osho

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A few beautiful texts about meditation, knowledge and understanding from "A Cup of Tea" (A book of letters by Osho to disciples and friends).

From letter 335:


Let things swallow you

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When you observe and accept something, like pain, after a certain time, release totally any resistance.

Move from acceptance to surrender.

First look for love, then for someone to love

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You are looking for someone in order to find love.

But it is vice versa - you need first to look for love then you will find someone to love.

Fear, Pressure, Worries

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Fear, Pressure, Worries - the sacred trinity of miserable quality of life which unnoticeably has become a norm for almost everyone.