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Love Matters

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It doesn't matter what I think, as long as it's with love.
It doesn't matter what I feel, as long as it's in love.
It doesn't matter where I am, as long as it's in love.


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Praise to God for the joy of this existence!


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Just found aloneness, which led to me separate from my thoughts and feelings about others, which led to the amazing conclusion that I am enough.

Perfection and Responsibility/Love vs. Judgement

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I just heard it!

My master, Premodaya, says:


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It would be so nice to ignore my craziness,
I could go on for years just playing Society's game,
because I love them and it's easy

but it hinders
it keeps me back,


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Praise unto God

As I breath in and out,

my mind asks many questions,
how to get closer to God,
how to overcome my shyness and selfishness,
how the mind relates to infinity and to peace,

Involuntary Prayer

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What is the difference between the "divine" and "real life?"

Can Heaven be more than new snow in sunlight?
Can the deepest meditation connect you more than


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Service to the Guru is exquisite love.

Can I be braver?

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Maybe it is the new year, maybe it's just time, but it is becoming apparent that there is a chance to grow up more.