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Having the void filled

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Having the void filled, there is still a void.

The filling didn't make the void disappear,
it just made it filled.

It is still here,
the void,
mostly unconsciously

Deep painful jealousy

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Thank you God, thank you for the deep painful jealousies you have implanted in me.

This is not another Christian-like pseudo-unconditional gratitude to God. I really mean it.

Why is a living guru necessary?

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I had a correspondence of interesting Q&A with a friend here. I take the liberty to share it as I think it may be of interest also to others.

A true seeker and hard calls he has to make

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A true seeker is one
whose desire for truth
is greater
than his desire for pleasure.

Not because
one is supposed to abandon
pleasure for truth.

But because
of the simple fact that

Am I realy taking antibiotics?

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I caught a flu and I'm taking antibiotics. Wait a minute, actually, I am not taking antibiotics, I am giving antibiotics, I'm giving my body antibiotics.

How can I know if I am advancing on the spiritual path?

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How can I know if I am advancing on the spiritual path? How can I know if I'm not fooling myself but really developing?

There is one clear indication for being considerably advanced on the path: it is when you don't care anymore if you have advanced or not.