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Far Far beyond the Gita

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A movie that reveals the flaws in the Gita's message of Self-realization.

the MOVIE: “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”

Laughter: Supreme Comedy

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The Supreme Comedy is the ONE
that thoughts make NONE.

when Laughter manifests the worse curse imaginable: “losing-everything”
it is funny because by losing-everything


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Self-realization is Derealization
in which Nothing Matters,
because “Nothing Ever Happened.”

comically: except for the holocaust, sex and enemas,

Careful of what you want: Self-realization.

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Careful of what U want:
There is no value or benefit to Self-realization
it is all about gaining Nothing by losing everything.
-- O'no

As long as reality APPEARS to have value or worth

Duality's Trinity

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the “Holy” Trinity is not about god,
it is all about the COVERT or Hidden fourth, Satan, of the overt three, Trinity.

Satan is the “Holy Trinity” of Religion, Humanities and Science

Real Meditation

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Meditation for Self-realization.

Meditation is the wildest goose-chase imaginable:
thoughts chasing thoughts
.. to find the One
that thoughts make None.

– really, Really, REALLY

What I AM

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I searched EVERYTHING life could possibly throw at me
Laughter revealed all the strings
I need to be a PUPPET.

to this Laughter (alias Kundalini)

real reality

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Reality is the deception
that makes fiction appear real.

the worst deception is god
that makes the deception called reality appear real...

the worst of the worst deception...

I think therefore I am

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I thought I was
but it was just a thought

I thought I can think
but it was just a thought

I thought I could do
but it was a thought

I thought I was god

Box 'n Mouse

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Box is Reality
Mouse is Movement.

that thoughts make NONE.

I AM not Mind nor its body..
… thoughts come from INSIDE
that is far far outside the BOX called Reality.