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Beyond Ramana

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Self-inquiry is all about seeking everything that makes NOW, Self, DIFFERENT from everything that appears in it, NOW.

… seeking these differences long enough
AND sooner or later

the science to Enlightenment

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there is a science that goes way beyond science. It is called “Supreme Science.”

The Hindus over 5000 years ago discovered the Supreme Science
that revealed to them everything

Reality's Duality, Maya,

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Reality is maya, a deception... thoughts, fiction, a dream.
Reality is all about thoughts that appear out of NOW
only to vanish back into it, NOW.

NOW is the only thing that is real:

if ONLY thoughts could think

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If only thoughts could think:

If thoughts could think
then they would personify Laughter.
Laughter is the personification of SELF,
because it vanishes all appearances
into it-SELF,

Advaita, Modern Physics

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the Mind is deception
on limitless levels of deception...
the most-hidden deception “controls” the others ..

like Modern Physics, the nonduality of Advaita

Bhagavad Gita and Disgrace.

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the movie Disgrace with John Malkovich ...
…. like the Bhagavad Gita Fight Club... like Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. DISGRACE is a thought-provoking story of Epic proportions.

Reality's Evolution

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reality is deception on top of limitless levels of deception ..
the best deception appears real
until “evolution” replaces it with another
even better deception.
-- really, Really, REALLY

Awaking Kundalini

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jumping up and down, yelling and screaming, cursing;
praying and begging
devotion, meditation and mantras ...
they all might appear to start an earthquake

What is Monism, Nonduality all about?

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What is Nonduality, Advaita, all about?

ONE cannot evolve
and there is NO other
ONLY the deception
that makes ONE
appear many.

There is no evolution …

Derealization: Kundalini

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Derealization: Kundalini

Kundalini is Psychiatry's derealization.

The worst part of Kundalini
is not when it kills its victim
but when it does not kill...