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Advaita Vedanta

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"Absolute Monism is the core belief of the Hindu philosophy of Advaita Vedanta."

is everything that can be said and read
about the ONE (monism)
that thoughts make NONE, NOW.

Advaita's Origin

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Advaita's Origin:

Over five thousand years ago
Sages around the Indus River in India
discovered a “science,” the Supreme Science,
that literally blew their minds.

true enlightenment

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enlightenment happens
when deception vanishes.

For a deception to APPEAR real it must have two parts
a Subject and Object. (reality's duality)

true meditation

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Meditation is doing nothing, meditating,
for something.

Meditation is all about realizing: “Nothing takes care of Everything.”

Real Awakening.

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Real Awakening is all about dreaming really:

I'm always dreaming I'm awake
until I really wake-up
that tells me
that I'm really dreaming
about really waking-up.


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COURAGE, “Ineffable Courage.”

No amount of brains or brawn
can allow an Observer to go beyond reality
because reality's laws and values
locks the Observer into reality.


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A Black-Hole is the most Awesome, deception-vanishing, proof
that all “matter” is unreal: deception.

What is “real” cannot change – it certainly cannot vanish.

Riddles to Realization

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Riddles to Realization

the answer to just one of the never-ending riddles
that reality needs UN-answered
to appear real
is “realization.”

Religion, Science and other Black Holes

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Deception is a synonym for Black Hole.

the Deception that makes matter appear real
is a Black Hole in Spirituality.

Religion is thus a Black Hole in Spirituality,

Age of Spirituality

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There is Science and a Supreme Science.

The Supreme Science goes beyond science
to reveal everything that science must hide
so science's matter, “reality,” can appear real.